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Let’s explore the East Coast via this state-of-the-art East Coast tour which will let you have foretastes of the most gorgeous and iconic landmarks of the area. If you want to experience the chock-full selection of stunning landmarks of UAE then this tour cannot be beaten.

Let us paint the picture…

Description of the tour

Heading out towards the desert plains this East Coast tour offers you pleasures of sightseeing the fabulous coast of United Arab Emirates. During this tour you will pass through the rockyHajar mountains cut by deep wadis and arise at the magnificent East Coast with the cheerful sapphire blue coast of the Gulf of Oman twinkling in front of you. During this wonderful east Coast Tour you will have views of the spectacular East Coast which is unusually green with widespread date palm orchards, luxurious agrarian zones, native markets and fishing villages. In between this tour you will also take a stop at the UAE’s ancient mosque at Bidiyah. This attractive East Coast tour will be a real treat to those who have been listening about the coast since a long time but have never been able to sightsee it live. This gorgeous East Coast is a beautiful area with plush green agrarian zones offering enchantment to the individuals. You will be in the aftermath of this tour for a really long time to come because it is one of the best and the most sought after place that people want to visit once they land in UAE.

Follow us! Where will we take you?

We will pass by Dhaid!

Time to hit the largest agricultural town which is also a capital of the emirate, Sharjah! You will get to enjoy sightseeing the beauty of the most fertile land of the area. You will also get to view Al Dhaid Cricket Village which hosts international cricket matches and also promotes. You will truly enjoy looking at the seven cricket pitches for local matches.

We will take you to Masafi!

Let’s roam around in the village too! During the tour you will be taken to Masafi which is a village located on the edge of the Hajar mountains in UAE. The unique thing about the village is that it is established sideways the long-standing unpaved road which connects Fujairah to Dubai via Sharjah. The beautiful village symbolizes the remarkable partition amongst the two emirates which is an ongoing building overlapping the frontier. The historical pieces of this village will enrich you with truly awe-inspiring experience. The place is famous for its weather because it is situated in the highest area of UAE. Mango trees and citruses are one of the major attractions of the village.

You will visit the Friday Market!

We will also take you to one of the grandest market known as the Friday Market which incorporates a huge number of entities, formations and companies. The Friday Market offers a platform to some heritage organizations so that they can display their products, plants, birds, coins and currencies, computer tools and programs, books, magazines and Quran copies. You can find every single thing in that market ranging from fruits, vegetables, off-the-cuff products to the most luxurious products. Anybody can participate in the market therefore there is a huge variety of products available both from the emerging talents to high end professionals.

We will take you to Fujairah Museum!

During this East Coast tour you will also be taken to Fujairah museum which is located at the south of the Fujairah Fort opposite the Palace and was opened for public viewing in 1991. The museum holds archaeological presentations courting over 4500 years back and objet d’art found at Bithnah and Qidfa. The displays at the museum consist of painted pottery, pieces made of gold, silver, brass, bronze and steel, bronze and iron age weapons, an ostrich egg dating back 2200 years, pre-Islamic coins and folkloric medicine.

You will roll across the Corniche!

Corniche is an Arabic word which refers to a headland formed at land’s end. This is a beautiful place which is very pleasing to the eyes. You will have a great time sighting this wonderful marvel developed alongside the beautiful cliffs. This will be a very relaxing sightseeing experience.

You will come across KhorFakkan!

Alongside the Gulf of Oman there is a small town located which is known as KhorFakkan and you will get a chance to sightsee it during the East Coast Tour guided by our experts. The town is established on the striking scene of KhorFakkan and offer whimsical photo prospect to the tourists. The uniqueness of the place is that KhorFakkanbelongs to the emirate of Sharjah but is geologically bordered by the emirate of Fujairah.

You will be taken to Dibba Beach!

In order to have some peaceful time you sure need to visit Dibba beach and during this East Coast tour we sure will take you for some relaxing time on Dibba Beach. This is the most striking and truly peaceful beach which is bounded by mountains and an uninhibited village at the foothills of the mountains. The catchy attraction of the place is that you can take a Dow from Dibba to Musandam in Oman and roam around into the inlets however passing small villages. The place offers a wonderful and very pleasing boating experience and is also very much renowned for diving. You can also enjoy camping alongside the fresh clean beach with inspirational water splashes.

Let’s step together in the Holy mosque, Bidiyah!

Bidiyah is the oldest and the smallest mosque in UAE which you will get to view during the tour. This is popular for being the smallest in Unites Arab Emirates. You will have a close look of the holy place when you will be physically travelling to all these places.
Stopover personallyat all these places is a must in order to enjoy the definite fun!

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